Measuring the Performance of your .NET Applications

Performance affects the user’s impression of any product . Want to make some performance measures about your .NET Application?

DevPartner Profiler Community Edition is one way. With DevPartner Profiler Community Edition, you can collect and view performance data about your application directly from within the Visual Studio .NET user interface:

Compuware DevPartner Profiler Community Edition accelerates software development and improves the quality of your code by pinpointing performance bottlenecks in Visual Studio .NET applications. Whether you’re creating new applications using the latest .NET technologies, or are working both with .NET and legacy components such as COM, COM+ or ASP, DevPartner Profiler is the profiler of choice for detailed and accurate timing results.

DevPartner Profiler features:

  • pinpoints performance bottlenecks
  • profiles managed VB .NET, VC++, C#, JScript 7 and unmanaged VC++
  • highly accurate results
  • verify code changes have improved performance
  • tightly integrated to the VS .NET IDE
  • supports Visual Studio .NET 2003 and 2002.

goto for More info and download instructions for the same.

Mind you it is Free and very useful.


2 thoughts on “Measuring the Performance of your .NET Applications

  1. Dear Mr.Pardhasaradhi,Wish You Happy New Year-2005First i will appreciate your efforts for making this site big success.My suggestion is writing articles is that instead of Pure Technical Topics in .NET if you can write some articles regarding 1.Visual Sourcesafe-How can we configure this and what are the uses of this in .NET and other options.2.How to deploy project in the server(webprojects)Regardskrishna kanth

  2. Hi,Thanks a Lot for your feedback.Will definitely try to come with the articles soon.===================With Regards,UVN PardhaSaradhi

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