.NET Dotfuscator

The .NET.
platform realizes Microsoft’s vision for the next
paradigm in Windows computing: multiple programming languages interacting
harmoniously, sharing an enriched object-based framework, contained within a
common runtime engine, running using just-in-time compilation. Application
development for Windows has never been easier or more accessible.

The .NET architecture is
unprecedented in its degree of power and flexibility. Unfortunately, that
design inherently produces a problem for those trying to hide their program’s
intellectual property. One concept that Java and .NET mutually share is the use
of expressive file syntax for delivery of executable code: bytecode
in the case of Java, MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) for .NET. Being
much higher-level than binary machine code, the intermediate files are laden
with identifiers and algorithms that are immediately observable and ultimately
understandable. After all, it is obviously difficult to make something easy to
understand, flexible and extendable while simultaneously hiding its crucial

Reverse engineering of programs
may be a serious problem for many reasons. Competitors can steal intellectual
property or even reuse your code in their products. Hackers can violate
application security and publish trade secrets or even redistribute the
application with trojan code
present. The threat is real, and luckily, so is the solution.

In early 1997, Preemptive
Solutions, Inc. released DashO, a product to help
prevent reversed engineer for Java. Today, DashO is
still the de-facto standard for enterprise code protection and size reduction
in the Java world.

In early 2002, Preemptive
introduced Dotfuscator to solve this problem in the
.NET space. With all the experience, know-how, and patents from DashO, Dotfuscator has hit the
ground running to protect .NET programs. Microsoft has acknowledged Dotfuscator’s abilities and has included a lite version of Dotfuscator in
every copy of Visual Studio..NET..

The lite version is called the Community Edition and
it will provide developers with a great introduction to the benefits of

More info at http://www.preemptive.com/documentation/dotfuscator_whitepaper.pdf

And http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/dotfuscator/


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