The patterns & practices Enterprise Library

The patterns & practices Enterprise Library is a library of Application Blocks designed to assist developers with common enterprise development challenges. Application Blocks are a type of guidance, provided as source code, that can be used as-is, extended or modified by developers for use on enterprise development projects. Enterprise Library features new and updated versions of application blocks that were previously available as stand-alone blocks. All blocks included in Enterprise Library have been updated with a particular focus on consistency, extensibility, ease of use and integration. This release of Enterprise Library includes: Caching Application Block, Configuration Application Block, Cryptography Application Block, Data Access Application Block, Exception Handling Application Block, Logging & Instrumentation Application Block, and Security Application Block.


MSDN site: 

Customer and Partner Momentum

 Enterprise Library builds on the success of the previous generation of application blocks by including updated versions of the most popular packaged into a single download. Microsoft’s vision is to build a broad community of customers and partners using, sharing, and extending their own application blocks that are consistent with and integrate into the patterns & practices Enterprise Library. Already, Avanade have rebuilt their ACA.NET development architecture as a set of value-add extensions using Enterprise Library as the core. We have also started working closely with other partners, as well as a number of early adopter enterprise customers.

Some testimonials from partners, early testers and reviewers:

Enterprise Library represents a significant step forward in our reusable asset offering for 2005. Any Enterprise which attempts to achieve architectural consistency, developer flexibility and lower development costs through prescriptive guidance and reuse should take advantage of Enterprise Library.” – Brandon Bohling and Bill Draven, Intel Corp

Enterprise Library adds significant value to software architects by making it easy to follow Microsoft’s recommended best practices for common enterprise development tasks. By leveraging Enterprise Library as the foundation of ACA.NET 4.0, Avanade is able to help customers adopt Microsoft’s recommended best practices, while still providing our own unique value and expertise” – Eric Blankenburg, Avanade Inc

“All I can say is Wow, what an improvement – it blew me away and I’m sure the 100 or so developers I demo this to in February are going to be equally excited.”

“This is a very impressive effort that you and your team put together. It is by far the highest quality code base I have ever seen us give away to customers. Thank you!”

Information on patterns & practices

Visit at to see the full line of existing patterns & practices and to order available hard copies. 


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