Visual Studio 2005 Community Integration

Microsoft has added a Community menu item to in the new VS.NET 2005 IDE. This resourceful menu will cut the time it takes to search for what we may be looking for while coding. Through this menu, we can perform the following:

  1.  Ask a Question – which takes you to Microsoft’s forum pages.
  2. Send Feedback – which takes you to the MSDN site where you can submit bug reports, post questions, comments and more.
  3. Check Question Status – This takes you to your own personal forum(s) pages.
  4. Developer Center – which takes you to the Visual Studio .NET 2005 MSDN home page.
  5. Codewise Community – This takes you to the MSDN Codewise Community of developers.
  6. Community Search – This lets you locally and remotely search for community related sources such as the ones mentioned above.

These are all sub-menus under the Community Menu, you can find the Community Menu before the regular Help Menu in VS.NET 2005 IDE.


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