Visual Studio 2005 IDE – Refactor Menu

Visual Studio 2005 IDE – Refactor Menu

In VS 2005 IDE, you can notice a new menu named "Refactor" placed next to
"View" menu. This new feature (available only in C# and J# – Beta 2 version)
helps the developer to improve the quality of code by restructuring it
internally. Following are the options available on the Refactoring Menu.

1. Extract Method: This is to split a method into many fine grained methods
which are reusable.

2. Rename: This is used to rename an identifier i.e. field, variable, method

3. Encapsulate Fields: Creating a property to encapsulate a field.

4. Extract Interfaces: Creating an interface which is implemented by current

5. Promote Local Variable to Parameters: Moving a local variable to
parameter level.

6. Remove Parameters: Removing parameters from methods, indexers,
constructors, delegates.

7. Reorder Parameters: Changing the order of parameters.

8. Generate Method Stub: Automatic code generation based on the consumption
of a method.

9. Add Using Unbound Types: Automatic inclusion of namespace for an unbound

For more information on Refatoring in VC#, see this article on MSDN


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