Debug an ASP Project with Visual Studio .NET in Windows 2000


It took me a while to figure out how to enable debugging on a traditional .asp project with Visual Studio .NET using Windows 2000. I would always get an error saying:

"Unable to find project on the Web server. Unable to set Web server into correct debugging state automatically. You may not be able to debug .ASP pages."

After a lot of online research and fiddling with the settings, what follows is what worked for me.

To enable .asp debugging change the following settings:





   project - properties

      configuration properties


            - enable ASP debugging

-          enable ASP.NET debugging


In the IIS snap-in:



   default Website - properties

      home directory tab


            app debugging

               - enable ASP server-side script debugging


   Website (the project you want to debug) - properties

      directory tab

         application name: add


This sets an application name for the Website and changes the icon from a default folder icon to a Website icon.


Add IIS process account to Debugger Users group:



   In Computer Management snap-in:

      System Tools

         Local Users and Groups


               Debugger Users - properties

                  Add user IWAM_machine-name (the "Launch IIS process account")


Now, to debug in VS.NET:



   right-click the .asp page that the application should start from

      select "Set as Start Page"
   set a breakpoint in the .asp code anywhere in the project


   click Debug—>Start or press F5 to build the project and start debugging


I hope this helps others to avoid wasting time fiddling with all these settings!


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