Characteristics of Successful Projects

In the funding application process, the objectives of the project will have to be clear, partnerships with organizations with similar objectives need to be sought and should develop a detailed action plan for the project.

Consider the following traits that characterise successful projects:
1. Clear objectives – The most successful projects have clearly defined objectives from the outset.
2. A good project plan – A carefully thought-out plan serves two purposes. First, it allows everyone involved to understand and perform their part in the
project. It shows who is responsible for what and estimates how much money, people, equipment and time will be required to complete the project.
Second, it serves as a monitoring tool, allowing you to take early action if things go wrong.
3. Communication, communication, communication – Project is a collaborative effort between all of the individuals and organizations involved. All need to work together to maintain effective and continual communication between the parties.
4. A controlled scope – Numerous issues will come up throughout the project, and not all of them will contribute to the overall objectives. It is important to stay focused on the priorities, with little wasted time or attention.
5. Stakeholder support – Projects typically involve several stakeholders, who invest time and resources in the project. It is important to maintain stakeholder support throughout the project, so the project team can meet its objectives.


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