Welfare Programs – A new way to Loot the public money?

Have seen the Fees reimbursement program issues being a boil issue in the last one or two months in Andhra Pradesh state and here is my perspective into such welfare schemes.

The first question that comes to my mind is why we should reimburse to private colleges who are out to flee public money? How many of these colleges can be called as colleges?

Earlier, no private college is allowed if more than 50% seats are not given to government quota. The fees per student in those days was only 5000/- rupees. For these seats, people will get only through ranks. For other seats the fees was RS 32000/-. Why the system is changed? Why should we finance these private chaps who are using these funds to go for their personal pleasures like Honda accord cars? Can’t we spend this money in useful way?

If they want to close down the colleges, let them do so. Let the students so affected be accommodated in some government colleges till they complete their studies. Do we need so many engineering colleges? How do you ensure standards without making competitive exams for admission?

The entire engineering education is mockery and fees reimbursement is basically meant for causing a loss to the government. Most of the managements are bribing the AICTE and the ministers for approvals (with no infrastructure or staff) or getting fees reimbursement. I know a friend of mine, who started engineering college just because he got some ten acres of land banking on revenues based on corrupt fees reinstatement.

Now education system became another business world and all r eager to float their own engineering colleges because, in the name of welfare programs, public money is being looted. Instead, this money can be used to develop the govt colleges, public education system and u will have a long-term benefit.

There comes another Scheme called “AAROGYA SRI”
If u look at Aarogya sree, 6000 Crores has been invested in this scheme so far and the all the public money gone to private hospitals and Insurance companies. ( There is a NEWS that insurance company who is the main beneficiary is a chennai based company who was floated just after YSR came to power in 2004 and all the directors are close friends of Jagan and YSR and congress workers. Well, I dont neither endorse that NEWS nor doesn’t want to trust it , however the bottom line is in the name of welfare programs, diverting the public money to their own private men, political leaders only forgetting a long term developmental activities and becoming mahatmas 🙂 )

It’s good that people have benefitted on this program, however, if you take at least 75% of 6000 Crores that has been spent and invest on the public health system, govt hospitals, we could have 3 AIIMS like hospitals in whole of state, the benefit, u won’t need this scheme for ever and money going to private hospitals, but instead people can come and use these govt hospitals.

In any organization, state or country, development needs to be short term and long term. While giving short term benefits to poor people, infrastructure would need to be developed and slowly you can get away from these schemes. Political parties doesn’t have this long term vision and only depending on the short term vote bank politics and the rift between poor and rich people of this society is increasing day by day and is the primary reason why people vote for these political leaders even though they are corrupt and greedy because Poor people want the welfare schemes and in return, political leaders are coming out with more innovative ideas to become more corrupt and loot public money.

What is required is more of a longer vision in terms of how development need to reach the people who needs them;


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