How much value intellectuals have in India?

With the attack on Jaya Prakahs narayana by TRS MLAs and remebering some of the other cases in the recent past, the Question that comes to my mind is “How much value intellectuals have in India?”

The personal attack on JP brought the Indian legislature system to shame. If a law maker is attacked on personal prejudice by some so called “Telangana Protogonaists” what is the status of common man on the road? Well, they have their own side of the story for the attack, can’t the persons even open the mouths to express their opinion. This is very sad situation that stoping and attacking respected Governor and respected MLA. Most of the people are not yet realizing the responsibility towards their duties and towards the growth of the country as a whole.

When Metro man E Sreedharan suggested that a “big political scandal” was brewing in the Hyderabad Metro project, then the Andhra Pradesh government lead by YSR threatened him with defamation. But, with Satyam chairman Ramalinga Raju confessing to defrauding his own company of over Rs 7,000 crore and accepting the charge that the aborted buyout of Maytas was also part of this fraud, Sreedharan’s apprehensions has been justified. Ultimately govt couldnt do any thing as every aspect pointed out by Sreedharan was found to be valid. His views have been vindicated with the fall of Satyam.

Honest persons are seldom are respected by top officials and political leaders who are not interested in national welfare as much as it suits their persoal interest or pleasing higher ups.


2 thoughts on “How much value intellectuals have in India?

  1. Instead of looking at BJP and TDP as alternatives to CONGRESS, If we look at LOKSATTA as the only alternative, things will change for the better. but unfortunately, we always choose between the devil and the deep sea alternatively.

    • its all about how Loksatta presents itself also matters. Politics is all not about what you do in US or in face book and in hydrabad, but Loksatta need to spread it’s presense, especially to rural areas, almost 75% of the AP state legislative seats r based in the rural areas, unless it’s present eincreases and spread it’s idealogiges, it would be premature to expect LS to get more seats. Unfortunately,the former IAS officer JP is highly dependent on the cities and urban areas.

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