TRS attack and JP’s reaction – I like this

Really like the way JP responded back on the attack, if this was an attack on another leader, we could have seen the most violent scenes through out the state. I should admire his wisdom and forward thinking.

Here is what he said after his attack which I want to preserve, golden words.

“I believe this attack is not made upon me but, on our democratic system. This is indicating the worsening situation of our political system. Gandhiji said that, if everyone adopts an eye for eye policy then the society will be blind. So, I didn’t complain this matter to anyone. Let, our system decide its course in this regard. It’s the duty of our law makers to protect the morals and ethics of our politics.”

“People elect us as their representatives’ expecting us that we will discuss their problems in the Assembly and find solutions for them. But, they didn’t expect us to create arson inside the house and disrupt the proceedings.”

“I ask those people who attacks on me and the governor, whether they really believe that they can achieve their goal of getting statehood for Telangana by attacking people like us? If, they think its possible then, we don’t need a constitution for us. Then, it will be just a piece of scrap paper.”

“We can’t resolve the Telangana issue by merely changing the capital. First of all, the constitutional process should be completed, otherwise the problem will remain there forever. Every one in the country has right to make his/her protest to highlight their problems. At the same time, it shouldn’t cross the limits and indulge with others rights.”

“When, the law makers fails to do their duties and fails to safe guard the basic rights of the people, then the people will have to react and set them back on the track. The corruption in the country is growing like any thing and lives of lakhs of people were badly affected by it. I appeal the people to break their silence. Especially, youth should come forward to save their country.”

“Some selfish leaders don’t like to hear the truths. Such people try to silence the people like me with their brutal force. But, nobody can make us silence because we have no strength. Such leaders should understand that, truth can’t be silenced by anybody or any kind of force. Lok Satta has the courage to express the truth without fear.”

“If, they want a separate state for themselves they can get it through a peaceful dialogue enduring within limits of the constitution of the country. But, some leaders were keener about their own goals than safe guarding the people’s interests. Only such people will adopt this kind of brutal attitude to over power the rest. But, this kind of attacks won’t help them anyway, instead it makes the people think and react positively. It’s time for the people of the state to break their silence and cleanse our political system.”


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