Andhra Pradesh – Present sad situation

Really feel sorry for the present state of affairs in the AP state, which could only make the industrial growth moving backwards. Industries has lost, 1000 crores hotel tourism is affected, tolly wood has ideas of shifting back to chennai, MNC are thinking of other options and daily wage workers and other people who migrated to hyderbad for some odd jobs are left high and dry. All the good work in the last 20+ years we built on hyderbad and AP image as progressive modern with skilfull people in all sphere like pharma ,IT ,Health ,Tourism etc is being tarnished and continue to be tarnished. The uncertainity in the air is there and will continue to be there until there is some solution is announced.

The urgent need is image re-building: All parties especially TRS (KCR) and Congress will need to exhibit that we are not against foreign investments. They should discourage all bandhs and agitations in GHMC region. It is not the state that will lose; the MNCs have an option to go to another country besides another state. The state community will not forgive you for what you have done to their future. The IT revenue from companies based out of Hyderabad is the in Billions of Dollars and we can’t afford to lose even One $ Dollar of it.

Some important things to do:

  1. Keep the agitation in a way that the public and private properties are not destroyed in GHMC area. 
  2. The Software/Pharma/travel and other industries , especially Software industry was built brick by brick over a period of time with innovation, trust and technical skills. The European and American companies have invested their trust and money on us. They don’t view death and destruction with sympathy. They would like to keep away from it as far away from it as possible. Agitate in way that will generate confidence in our foreign investors that their investments are safe. 
  3. If the MNCs decide to move out and the workforces will follow them to other states. If that happens then we as community will suffer irreparable business loss and will deprive of our students from the benefits of the lucrative MNC jobs. Keep your agitations far away from Hyderabad industry.
  4. There is an urgent need to send a loud and clear message in Single Voice that “The industry is insulated from Telangan agitation and Hyderabad is safe for foreign investors to run their businesses effectively and efficiently.”

The ruling party Congress will have to take a bigger role in this situation. Being in power in both the states, it needs to come out with a strategy and options and start a  democratic dialogue process to solve this issue.

Congress is without any leader and what Andhra Pradesh state needs now is a big big leader who has the committment and guts to take the things forward, not a leader who is looking towards the HIGH COMMAND for everything. unfortunaltey do we have one?


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