Peace is not a one-way street

FRESH INITIATIVES from time to time to reduce tensions and reiterate the resolve to settle bilateral issues between India and Pakistan, including the contentious Kashmir question, have by now become routine.

India broke off talks over border disputes after Pakistani militants killed 166 people in a 2008 attack in Mumbai, and leaders of the two countries have met several times in an effort to restore them. Improved ties are central to U.S. led efforts to fight Taliban and al-Qaeda militants in Afghanistan, where India and Pakistan compete for influence. While the meetings reduced tensions, they didn’t produce a breakthrough on Kashmir or other conflicts.

Now comes another meeting between PM MMS and Pakistan PM Gilani on March 30th in the breaks they get between the overs.  This invitation by Indian PM to Pakistan PM can be termed in simple common man’s language as follows “Some murderers entered your house, they killed many members of your family, what will you do to solve the problem so that it will never happen again? You will invite the leader of the gang at your house in a function… Tell him what u feel, he says it won’t happen again, will go back and will send another gang to kill some more……. ” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bus diplomacy ended in Kargil war. The brains of the Indian leaders have slipped into their knees. Pakistan is neck-deep in domestic problems and it is rushing towards disintegration. So to delay the disintegration they would launch more attacks on India just to divert the attention of Pakis from real issues. Indian leaders have to learn to think smart. Manmohan Singh is doing this drama to divert the attention of the people from the filthy smell that is emitting from his body after he took a swim in the cesspool of corruption.

ZIA-UL-HAQ and MUSHARAFF, Generals who had “iron grip” over PAK indulged in cricket diplomacy but couldn’t reduce Indo- Pak tension- 26/11 Mumbai attack if proof enough. So what can GILANI, who does not even control his cabinet, do to reduce Indo-Pak tension?? It is Indian Government’s courtesy to have invited Pakistan’s political leaders to the game. It is absolutely illusionary to assume Pakistan understand this courtesy. Time and again they had bitten the hand that has been extended to them

Peace is not a one-way street. It has to be achieved through joint efforts for which a change of heart and of mind is inevitable. Compulsive competitiveness quite often exists between countries when they share an international border and has to be balanced by a clear determination of the limits of xenophobic response towards a neighbor. No durable peace can be established between two neighbors if one day their Governments talk of normalizing relations and the next day dismiss envoys and terminate normal diplomatic communications.

Unless this is done, there is a risk that the current initiative for a lasting peace between India and Pakistan may go much the same way as similar steps in the past.


India-Pakistan semi-final ICC 2011 World Cup: Some History and Statistics

INDIA AND Pakistan, the two cricket crazy nations where cricket is like a religion, will meet in the second semi-final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 at Punjab Cricket Association Stadium in Mohali on Wednesday, March 30.

Make no mistake about it, this is bigger than the actual world cup final. The final will see two teams fighting for the glorious trophy. But this semi-final is about more than just a trophy. This isnt the average sports rivalry, It’s an outright war with national pride on the line. When all the smoke clears and all the dust settles, who ever wins this match for their team will be remembered by billions for years to come. Without a doubt this will be the biggest day of their lives and its the biggest stage they will ever have to achieve the ultimate goal a man has: have their name echoed through the centuries.

On this context, here is the history between these two teams in the World Cup so far.

This semi-final match will be the fifth encounter in a Cricket World Cup between the neighboring countries since 1992 Cricket World Cup. However, neither team has met in the semi-final nor final of any of the previous World Cup matches. India has never lost to Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup so far.


  1. In their first meet at Sydney Cricket Ground on March 4, 1992, during the 16th match of the Benson & Hedges World Cup, India won by 43 runs. In that match Sachin Tendulkar was named man-of-the-match for his all-round performance. He scored 54 runs and got the wicket of the dangerous left-handed batsman Aamer Sohail. 
  2. Both teams met for the second time in the second quarter final match of the Wills World Cup 1996 played at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. India won that match by 39 runs and reached the semi final. Indian opener Navjot Sidhu scored 96 runs and Ajay Jadeja scored quick 45 runs in 25 balls in the last overs of the inning. Venkatesh Prasad and Anil Kumble took three wickets each. Sidhu was announced man-of-the-match.
  3. India and Pakistan met for the third time in the Super Sixes of the ICC World Cup 1999 at Old Trafford, Manchester. On that match India defeated Pakistan India by 47 runs. In that match Rahul Dravid and Mohammad Azharuddin played fifty-plus innings. Fast bowler Venkatesh Prasad was declared man-of-the-match because he ensured that five Pakistani batsmen went back to the pavilion.
  4. For the fourth time, two arch rivals India and Pakistan met at SuperSport Park in Centurion, South Africa during the pool ‘A’ match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003. With a quick fire knock by Sachin Tendulkar and a brilliant 50 by Yuvraj Singh, India won the match by six wickets. Sachin Tendulkar, who scored 98 runs, was awarded with the man-of-the-match.

 Basically it’s the best batting line up in the world against one of the very best bowling attacks in the world. It’s gonna be mental!

Do Indians care about Political Corruption? Tamil Nadu- A Litmus Test for you.

In my previous blog, I covered how the welfare schemes became a new way to loot the public money.

Looking at Freebies bazaar by all parties in Tamil Nadu election, from TVs, Mixers, grinders, lap tops, the Question raised is “is nt this an institutionalized variation of cash for votes?” People don’t have money to buy food and necessary stuffs. Many will sell laptops for money. It’s the same cash for vote!

What is this obsession about giving anything for free? May be DMK needs to garner immediate attention from the public and gain sympathy.  I do agree then in that case these freebies will work. If DMK is really committed about helping students in their education, come out with a scheme which rewards students on their and not freebies. Freebies have a very rusting effect on the evolution of any society. It encourages poor to remain poor, illiterate to remain illiterate and politicians to remain corrupt!

 TN Finance Minister Anbazhagan’s 2010-2011 budget estimated Fiscal Deficit at Rs 16,222 Crores which is over 3 times the deficit of Rs 5452 Crores during AIDMK. Karunanidhi continues to give away freebies by ROBBING PEOPLE to BUY VOTES for himself, his family and his party. Does TN people continue to be dumb by falling for DMK’s tricks and voting for this corrupt party? The next budget will show a deficit 5 times more with free laptops, fridges, washing machines and microwaves. This is not Karunanidhi’s money to freely distribute but people’s hard-earned tax money. SHAME on such SCAMSTERS who will resort to anything to buy votes and retain power. choices is yours people. 🙂

One of Tamil Nadu’s ministers Mr. Velu had made about 740 times of wealth after he became minister. Ten years back he was not even an I-T assessee. But today he says he is one of the highest tax-paying ministers. How is it possible? How did he make so much of money? Is Karunanidhi not aware of his sudden rise? If he has ministers like him in his cabinet, he can even promise a moon to each and every citizen. Is that what we want now? Why can’t he promise a corrupt-free organization? Because that is not at all possible. God alone save the citizens of Tamil Nadu.

Even Laloo Yadav tried to bribe voters promising bikes to all students. However was kicked out by Bihari public in elections. The desire to make sure that he does not returns to back was so strong that even Congress was kicked out, so that Sonia cannot join hands after elections in the name of “secularism” as she has been doing.

So  rest of the country can take this as an aspiration if we want to get rid of these corrupt politicians and its life time chance for TN people. May be this is the litmus test for the people of India, especially Tamil Nadu to show how they care about Corruption.

Do we really care?  Let’s C. World is looking at you.

Appraisal history of Manmohan Singh- A case study of ‘Peter Principle’ Concept

The Peter Principle was first introduced by L. Peter in a humoristic book (of the same title) describing the pitfalls of bureaucratic organization. The principle is based on the observation that in a hierarchy, members are promoted so long as they work competently. Sooner or later they are promoted to a position at which they are no longer competent (their “level of incompetence”), and there they remain, being unable to earn further promotions. This principle can be modelled and has theoretical validity for simulations.

Peter’s Corollary states that “in time, every post tends to be occupied by an employee who is incompetent to carry out their duties” and adds that “work is accomplished by those employees who have not yet reached their level of incompetence”.  

Applying it to Indian Political organization and Mr.MMS

In Indian politics, quite clearly, today we have the Peter Principle at work. Our PM Singh has been promoted to his level of incompetence. A bureaucrat has been made FM and then PM, and he cannot take the heat any more.

From 1991 – 1996:

In 1991, he was appointed as a FM by then PV Narasimha Rao when India was in a deep financial crisis. Rao have chosen Singh as a FM because he needs a Yes Boss kind of minister where only technocratic solutions to the financial crisis were the order of the day, not worrying about the political compulsions and Singh was the best person for that Job. In result PVNR managed the things politically and Singh applied his financial background and introduced financial reforms. Singh was more of a finance secretary rather than a FM at that time.

2004 – Current:

In 2004, when Sonia decided she is not going to take PM Job, she needs a puppet, a competent technocrat, but incompetent PM, who is a Yes Boss kind of mentality for that job, be there in the job as long as Sonia wanted and resigns whenever Rahul wants to take over as a PM and hence MMS got another promotion – this time as PM. Singh’s only job was to stay loyal and allow the Dynasty to claim credit for any good done by the UPA and for all bad happens, get blame back or ignore the responsibility.

Things went on very well as long as there is nothing phenomenal happened and Sonia and UPA again took advantage of the honest image of MMS, showed him keeping all others in the shadow and got re-elected in 2009.

But when the things are going bad to worse, the incompetence levels within MMS have over shadowed his competency levels and finally today he has now risen to his level of absolute incompetence where he cannot control his own team mates, cannot fight against the Dynasty leadership and the allies based on the political compulsions and coalitiation dharma.


Perhaps the best way to address the Peter Principle in a corporation would be to institute a policy of demoting employees — without the stigma of failure — to their most appropriate level of work competence. If an employee isn’t working out in a higher position, allowing him to go back to whatever position he excelled in would avoid the effects of the principle. This would, however, require the supervisor who made the poor promotion decision to admit they made a mistake, an act not often found in the higher levels of a hierarchy.

But Sonia may not be ready to accept that mistake or she is deliberately made that mistake and allowing MMS to continue in this post as long as she wants him to be and is trying to make him the scapegoat of all the blunders made by UPA and its allies.

When Advani’s Presence is enough evidence to hold him responsible for Babri, Can’t we hold Sonia responsible for all UPA wrong doings because she is the chair person of UPA? May be Sonia is waiting for a right time to kick MMS out and present Rahul as a pure alternative and say forget whatever happened because MMS was incompetent and we have thrown him out and now you elect my Son as PM 🙂

Is PM shying away from taking the combined responsibility?

In response to the cable, dated July 17, 2008, sent to the State Department (162458: secret), accessed by The Hindu through Wiki Leaks, the PM says cables via WL “speculative, unverified information. I have not authorized anybody to take bribes on behalf of me”.

When Court accepted Nira Radia tapes as clear “evidence”, why can’t we accept Wiki Leaks as contemporaneous records, relevant in investigation and use them as source of investigation; however as a nation, regretfully we have not created independent systems of investigation.

As per MMS logic, if you win an election, you are no longer accountable for anything you did before that. Interesting. If that’s the case, why congress, digvijay singh keep talking about Gujarat & what happened there because Modi won an election , not only once, but twice after it? So Mr. PM, ask your govt to withdraw all cases against Modi and declare him as non-accused when you don’t  want to discuss what happened in the past and declare yourself as honest only because you won more seats this time. Double standards. IS NT IT?

On the scams around and his inaction, MMS said Coalition dharma has prevented him to take action and today he says I am not aware anybody around and i didn’t authorize any one to do this. He was showing VICTORY symbols even before the Parliament voted on that day, which only indicates he knows everything and only shows his irresponsibility in accepting the truth. The PM should just acknowledge that this is what happened and that that’s how things are rather than cast doubts over the veracity of Wiki leaks reports. It only makes him look worse.

Clearly, there is a pattern to the PM’s evasion of responsibility, His reasoning is this: I am honest, and I cannot be accountable for anyone else’s dishonesty. He has no idea what is happening in the country and what his government and party are doing in the country. He is rubberstamp PM and does need to know anything as he does not make any decisions. He is enjoying his time while country is being looted by people from his party and coalition partners. MMS may be an honest person; at the same time an absolute Nikkamma and disgrace to PM’s position.

He is forgetting one of the fundamentals of Team management role and his skill set “Be accountable and responsible on whatever your team does” .If a team keeps failing, failing, failing, either change the team or change the team leader. The PM of India must be a visionary, innately honest, charismatic, passionate, communicative, a trouble-shooter, tough and battle-ready; not some one who says I am honest and I don’t know what’s happening arround.

Is MMS just running away from these challenges and shying away from the responsibilities?

What happended in June 2008- Cash For Vote Scam?

In a cable, dated July 17, 2008, sent to the State Department ( 162458: secret), accessed by The Hindu through WikiLeaks, U.S. Charge d’Affaires Steven White wrote about a visit the Embassy’s Political Counselor paid to Satish Sharma, who is described as “a Congress Party MP in the Rajya Sabha … and a close associate of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi considered to be a very close family friend of Sonia Gandhi.”

Here are the sequence of events that happened in the Cash for Votes scam as twitted by @centerofright in twitter and wanted to consolidate at one place.

  1. Many day before Indo US Nuclear deal was to be voted in LS. Some BJP MPs approached with abstaining or cross voting with money.
  2. Many the BJP MPs immediately alerted the party leaders about the same. It was decided to trap the entire episode through sting.
  3. Many as BJP did not have the necessary wherewithal to carry out the sting by themselves they approached two channels NDTV & IBN.
  4. NDTV said as a policy we will not do Stings and IBN said they would do it and wanted exclusive rights on telecast of tapes.
  5.  The entire steps right from the talks till the cash shown in parliament were recorded after taking help from IBN and given.
  6. When the voting started and cash shown in the house IBN was to telecast the sting tapes. The tapes were not telecast.
  7. Editor said As Audio quality was bad; Video was not good they are not televising the tapes after promise to telecast.
  8. After the editor ditched the telecast BJP decided officially to Boycott IBN and they boycotted without fail.
  9. After few hrs/days channel promised again to telecast the tapes and requested BJP to lift the boycott. BJP agreed.
  10.  The tapes were telecast wr edited & telecast in a way where the main culprits walked free & BJP shown in bad light.
  11. Advani says Wikileaks have “vindicated our suspicions about buying of MPs during 2008 trust vote”; India’s democracy has been “maligned”.
Update: Fellow tweeter, “auldtimer” compiled these facts on twitter. Ponder over.
  1. Fact #1: BJP roped in IBN to secretly record *and broadcast* the Cong’s attempt to bribe its MP’s.
  2. Fact #2 Both IBN’s agreement with BJP and the channel’s journalistic duty demanded that the tapes be broadcast *before* trust vote
  3. Fact #3: Broadcasting the tapes *before* the vote would have foiled the govt’s plans, and an assault on democracy would have been averted
  4. Fact #4: CNNIBN did not broadcast the tapes. Suddenly develops huge respect for “due diligence”, claims tapes were handed over to Speaker
  5. Fact #5. IBN claims it gave the tapes to speaker. BJP says the tapes were actually delivered 24 hours AFTER IBN claims it delivered them
  6. Fact #6, further corroborated by Wikileaks: Vote was won with bribes. Big Question: Who all were bribed? Surely not only MPs?

Thank god! Twitter doesn’t reach 1.1b Indians, else Congress can’t form a single city corporation in any part of India. Cash for votes has been telecast live on national television and all evidence provided to JPC too. nothing buried. Wikileaks now confirms what has been said in 2008.

Pranab mukherge says in Lok Sabha that what happended in the last Lok Sabha can not be discussed in this Lok Sabha. Technically correct, however can Congress atleasr come out and explained what happended or is it just waiting for another WikiLeaks on BJP and Gujarath and waiting to defend itself by counter-attacking?

We expect this govt to punish CWG or 2G scamsters when the govt itself bribed MPs to remain in power?