Is Indian team Lacks that Killer punch or it’s just a perception?

After India has played their last two World Cup cricket matches against minnows the Netherlands and Ireland, India press, media and especially passionate Indian cricket fans started blowing up whistles saying India lacks KILLER Punch, killer instinct blah… blah……

In my opinion, defining the work “KILLER PUNCH” again depends on the Perception in which a person thinks.  Indian cricket fans were never satisfied with Indian Cricketers like PEPSI’s adv “YEH DIL MANGE MORE” :). Having to chase 191 odd runs in just 36 overs is not a mean achievement and it looks like most people wanted the Indian team to finish the game in 20 overs. This is not a pitch where BAN bundled out for 58 and WI finished in 15 overs. So circumstances matters………………….

Also Its the culture from where u have grown up also matters. By putting a finger at AUS,Sa and say we lack killer punch is also not fair. We Indians generally in every walk of our life plays safe first, settle down and then after some times, we tend to think and try to be innovative and aggressive. Indian cricketers are also part of the same society and never born out of society, so it wouldn’t be too much to expect a killer punch when the whole society itself lacks it and doesnt try to be aggressive.

At the end of the day, wt matters is whether your objective has been achieved or not. Strangely no team in this WC have shown that 100% superiority and expecting India to be a killer punch team is just a huge expectation and that’s where people say “Every body opinion matters” and every body is an expert when it comes to talking about CRICKET. 🙂

I can only hope it is conservative now and reserving its fire power for the big matches and as a strong Indian cricket supporter, all my hopes and support is with this team and yes, this team can do well moving forward……………