Telangana Agitation – A Common Man’s Perspective.

As a common man who was following this struggle for a separate TELANGANA state and how the agitation is going on and the comments and counter comments from the leaders of both sides, here is my perception.

Most common people including andhrites have a strong support and understand the heart and struggle of Telangana people. The situation now is that nobody is discussing whether the state is necessary or not, but how it needs to be formed.  People are psychologically ready for a state for some reasons; however when divided people are losing some rights and wants those rights to be protected and their apprehensions to be addressed.

Some of the apprehensions.

  • Looking at some of the Provocative statements made in the past, will TELANGANA people allow the Andhrites to continue to live in Hyd or they will be thrown out by destructing the common and individual properties? Will these be situations like what happened in million march on march 10 where common heritage has been destructed
  • What happens to Andhrites effort and share in the development of Hyd? If they need to go back, they need start from zero in their separate state as the development was concentrated in Hyd and Tax Payer’s money from Andhrites also has been used to invest the infrastructure here and they need their share in that infrastructure and build the similar infrastructure in the new Capital.  For it, people need a formula, like both regions will share Hyd as a common capital for 10 years, have a new capital developed and shift the capital slowly.

This list may not be limited; however the above are the primary ones.

Also it’s disheartful to see a lot of people started defending themselves that what they did in the million march was right as I quote from one of the blogs as “The composition of statues on Tank bund was an exhibition of Andhra chauvinism, It was the heartburn for Telanganites and was a dent on their self-respect and hence we support removal of some of the undeserving Andhra statues and replace them with more deserving legendary figures of Telangana. “ Interesting.  To install some more, you don’t need to destroy whatever already there. Is nt it?

These sorts of statements and defending whatever happened only complicates the issue and adds to the already existing apprehensions andhrites living in Hyderabad have. They are only doing injustice to their own cause if they keep attacking the assets, other people’s sentiments and common heritages.

Is there a solution around now?

Every problem has a solution if there is a will to solve that issue. The ruling party Congress will have to take a bigger role in this situation. Being in power in both the state and Centre, it needs to come out with a strategy and options and start a democratic dialogue process to solve this issue.

Leaders from all the regions to have a round table meeting; talk to all and answer these apprehensions, get the problem solved.

UPA govt need to sort out its priorities and make this a top priority and solve the issue for ever.


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