What happended in June 2008- Cash For Vote Scam?

In a cable, dated July 17, 2008, sent to the State Department ( 162458: secret), accessed by The Hindu through WikiLeaks, U.S. Charge d’Affaires Steven White wrote about a visit the Embassy’s Political Counselor paid to Satish Sharma, who is described as “a Congress Party MP in the Rajya Sabha … and a close associate of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi considered to be a very close family friend of Sonia Gandhi.”

Here are the sequence of events that happened in the Cash for Votes scam as twitted by @centerofright in twitter and wanted to consolidate at one place.

  1. Many day before Indo US Nuclear deal was to be voted in LS. Some BJP MPs approached with abstaining or cross voting with money.
  2. Many the BJP MPs immediately alerted the party leaders about the same. It was decided to trap the entire episode through sting.
  3. Many as BJP did not have the necessary wherewithal to carry out the sting by themselves they approached two channels NDTV & IBN.
  4. NDTV said as a policy we will not do Stings and IBN said they would do it and wanted exclusive rights on telecast of tapes.
  5.  The entire steps right from the talks till the cash shown in parliament were recorded after taking help from IBN and given.
  6. When the voting started and cash shown in the house IBN was to telecast the sting tapes. The tapes were not telecast.
  7. Editor said As Audio quality was bad; Video was not good they are not televising the tapes after promise to telecast.
  8. After the editor ditched the telecast BJP decided officially to Boycott IBN and they boycotted without fail.
  9. After few hrs/days channel promised again to telecast the tapes and requested BJP to lift the boycott. BJP agreed.
  10.  The tapes were telecast wr edited & telecast in a way where the main culprits walked free & BJP shown in bad light.
  11. Advani says Wikileaks have “vindicated our suspicions about buying of MPs during 2008 trust vote”; India’s democracy has been “maligned”.
Update: Fellow tweeter, “auldtimer” compiled these facts on twitter. Ponder over.
  1. Fact #1: BJP roped in IBN to secretly record *and broadcast* the Cong’s attempt to bribe its MP’s.
  2. Fact #2 Both IBN’s agreement with BJP and the channel’s journalistic duty demanded that the tapes be broadcast *before* trust vote
  3. Fact #3: Broadcasting the tapes *before* the vote would have foiled the govt’s plans, and an assault on democracy would have been averted
  4. Fact #4: CNNIBN did not broadcast the tapes. Suddenly develops huge respect for “due diligence”, claims tapes were handed over to Speaker
  5. Fact #5. IBN claims it gave the tapes to speaker. BJP says the tapes were actually delivered 24 hours AFTER IBN claims it delivered them
  6. Fact #6, further corroborated by Wikileaks: Vote was won with bribes. Big Question: Who all were bribed? Surely not only MPs?

Thank god! Twitter doesn’t reach 1.1b Indians, else Congress can’t form a single city corporation in any part of India. Cash for votes has been telecast live on national television and all evidence provided to JPC too. nothing buried. Wikileaks now confirms what has been said in 2008.

Pranab mukherge says in Lok Sabha that what happended in the last Lok Sabha can not be discussed in this Lok Sabha. Technically correct, however can Congress atleasr come out and explained what happended or is it just waiting for another WikiLeaks on BJP and Gujarath and waiting to defend itself by counter-attacking?

We expect this govt to punish CWG or 2G scamsters when the govt itself bribed MPs to remain in power?