Is PM shying away from taking the combined responsibility?

In response to the cable, dated July 17, 2008, sent to the State Department (162458: secret), accessed by The Hindu through Wiki Leaks, the PM says cables via WL “speculative, unverified information. I have not authorized anybody to take bribes on behalf of me”.

When Court accepted Nira Radia tapes as clear “evidence”, why can’t we accept Wiki Leaks as contemporaneous records, relevant in investigation and use them as source of investigation; however as a nation, regretfully we have not created independent systems of investigation.

As per MMS logic, if you win an election, you are no longer accountable for anything you did before that. Interesting. If that’s the case, why congress, digvijay singh keep talking about Gujarat & what happened there because Modi won an election , not only once, but twice after it? So Mr. PM, ask your govt to withdraw all cases against Modi and declare him as non-accused when you don’t  want to discuss what happened in the past and declare yourself as honest only because you won more seats this time. Double standards. IS NT IT?

On the scams around and his inaction, MMS said Coalition dharma has prevented him to take action and today he says I am not aware anybody around and i didn’t authorize any one to do this. He was showing VICTORY symbols even before the Parliament voted on that day, which only indicates he knows everything and only shows his irresponsibility in accepting the truth. The PM should just acknowledge that this is what happened and that that’s how things are rather than cast doubts over the veracity of Wiki leaks reports. It only makes him look worse.

Clearly, there is a pattern to the PM’s evasion of responsibility, His reasoning is this: I am honest, and I cannot be accountable for anyone else’s dishonesty. He has no idea what is happening in the country and what his government and party are doing in the country. He is rubberstamp PM and does need to know anything as he does not make any decisions. He is enjoying his time while country is being looted by people from his party and coalition partners. MMS may be an honest person; at the same time an absolute Nikkamma and disgrace to PM’s position.

He is forgetting one of the fundamentals of Team management role and his skill set “Be accountable and responsible on whatever your team does” .If a team keeps failing, failing, failing, either change the team or change the team leader. The PM of India must be a visionary, innately honest, charismatic, passionate, communicative, a trouble-shooter, tough and battle-ready; not some one who says I am honest and I don’t know what’s happening arround.

Is MMS just running away from these challenges and shying away from the responsibilities?


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