Do Indians care about Political Corruption? Tamil Nadu- A Litmus Test for you.

In my previous blog, I covered how the welfare schemes became a new way to loot the public money.

Looking at Freebies bazaar by all parties in Tamil Nadu election, from TVs, Mixers, grinders, lap tops, the Question raised is “is nt this an institutionalized variation of cash for votes?” People don’t have money to buy food and necessary stuffs. Many will sell laptops for money. It’s the same cash for vote!

What is this obsession about giving anything for free? May be DMK needs to garner immediate attention from the public and gain sympathy.  I do agree then in that case these freebies will work. If DMK is really committed about helping students in their education, come out with a scheme which rewards students on their and not freebies. Freebies have a very rusting effect on the evolution of any society. It encourages poor to remain poor, illiterate to remain illiterate and politicians to remain corrupt!

 TN Finance Minister Anbazhagan’s 2010-2011 budget estimated Fiscal Deficit at Rs 16,222 Crores which is over 3 times the deficit of Rs 5452 Crores during AIDMK. Karunanidhi continues to give away freebies by ROBBING PEOPLE to BUY VOTES for himself, his family and his party. Does TN people continue to be dumb by falling for DMK’s tricks and voting for this corrupt party? The next budget will show a deficit 5 times more with free laptops, fridges, washing machines and microwaves. This is not Karunanidhi’s money to freely distribute but people’s hard-earned tax money. SHAME on such SCAMSTERS who will resort to anything to buy votes and retain power. choices is yours people. 🙂

One of Tamil Nadu’s ministers Mr. Velu had made about 740 times of wealth after he became minister. Ten years back he was not even an I-T assessee. But today he says he is one of the highest tax-paying ministers. How is it possible? How did he make so much of money? Is Karunanidhi not aware of his sudden rise? If he has ministers like him in his cabinet, he can even promise a moon to each and every citizen. Is that what we want now? Why can’t he promise a corrupt-free organization? Because that is not at all possible. God alone save the citizens of Tamil Nadu.

Even Laloo Yadav tried to bribe voters promising bikes to all students. However was kicked out by Bihari public in elections. The desire to make sure that he does not returns to back was so strong that even Congress was kicked out, so that Sonia cannot join hands after elections in the name of “secularism” as she has been doing.

So  rest of the country can take this as an aspiration if we want to get rid of these corrupt politicians and its life time chance for TN people. May be this is the litmus test for the people of India, especially Tamil Nadu to show how they care about Corruption.

Do we really care?  Let’s C. World is looking at you.