Peace is not a one-way street

FRESH INITIATIVES from time to time to reduce tensions and reiterate the resolve to settle bilateral issues between India and Pakistan, including the contentious Kashmir question, have by now become routine.

India broke off talks over border disputes after Pakistani militants killed 166 people in a 2008 attack in Mumbai, and leaders of the two countries have met several times in an effort to restore them. Improved ties are central to U.S. led efforts to fight Taliban and al-Qaeda militants in Afghanistan, where India and Pakistan compete for influence. While the meetings reduced tensions, they didn’t produce a breakthrough on Kashmir or other conflicts.

Now comes another meeting between PM MMS and Pakistan PM Gilani on March 30th in the breaks they get between the overs.  This invitation by Indian PM to Pakistan PM can be termed in simple common man’s language as follows “Some murderers entered your house, they killed many members of your family, what will you do to solve the problem so that it will never happen again? You will invite the leader of the gang at your house in a function… Tell him what u feel, he says it won’t happen again, will go back and will send another gang to kill some more……. ” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Bus diplomacy ended in Kargil war. The brains of the Indian leaders have slipped into their knees. Pakistan is neck-deep in domestic problems and it is rushing towards disintegration. So to delay the disintegration they would launch more attacks on India just to divert the attention of Pakis from real issues. Indian leaders have to learn to think smart. Manmohan Singh is doing this drama to divert the attention of the people from the filthy smell that is emitting from his body after he took a swim in the cesspool of corruption.

ZIA-UL-HAQ and MUSHARAFF, Generals who had “iron grip” over PAK indulged in cricket diplomacy but couldn’t reduce Indo- Pak tension- 26/11 Mumbai attack if proof enough. So what can GILANI, who does not even control his cabinet, do to reduce Indo-Pak tension?? It is Indian Government’s courtesy to have invited Pakistan’s political leaders to the game. It is absolutely illusionary to assume Pakistan understand this courtesy. Time and again they had bitten the hand that has been extended to them

Peace is not a one-way street. It has to be achieved through joint efforts for which a change of heart and of mind is inevitable. Compulsive competitiveness quite often exists between countries when they share an international border and has to be balanced by a clear determination of the limits of xenophobic response towards a neighbor. No durable peace can be established between two neighbors if one day their Governments talk of normalizing relations and the next day dismiss envoys and terminate normal diplomatic communications.

Unless this is done, there is a risk that the current initiative for a lasting peace between India and Pakistan may go much the same way as similar steps in the past.


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