Poll Bazar – Tamil Nadu – Do you want to see India corruption free nation?

Do you agree that in India, corruption is the religion of India?
Do you want to see India corruption free nation?
Are you selfish or you wanted to do something for India?

First thing all educated people should vote properly and should know the persons who stands for election and their background.

Following is the graphic that depicts the two major parties that promised free items and asking the Tamil Nadu people to sell their votes by promising all the Free Bees.


If someone can get to power easily just by promising freebies that might or might not be given after acquiring the chair in my opinion isn’t fair democracy. It is corruption or creating greediness among voters. Huge discounts are fine, but freebies are not accepted. 

One must understand the basic fact that these two are en-cashing the weakness of the people.   Where these people get laptops,rice,grinder,mixer blender,are they have millions acre of cultivated land which produced million tons of paddy and they give free 20 kg. rice to the people and may they have laptop and kitchen equipment production Industry by which they could distributed among the TN POPULATION?.

They will spend public money and get kick backs to last for another 50 generations of swindlers.  Now the statistics from TN reveals the current debt is 1 lakh crore. The public in Tamil Nadu desreve these jokers as leaders. We get the leaders we select. When we stop worshipping them, we can throw them out

Let’s give chance to the YOUNG GENERATION AND EDUCATED PERSONALITIES. Look for Alternatives and you will find some arround,

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2 thoughts on “Poll Bazar – Tamil Nadu – Do you want to see India corruption free nation?

  1. To all of those, who wonder what can I do and what those alternatives are. Makkal Sakthi (TN chapter of Lok Satta) fields 70 candidates in 25 Districts in Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections- 13 APRIL 2011. If you didn’t vote last time, or if you are a 1st time voter- this is your best chance to VOTE AGAINST CORRUPTION; VOTE for CHANGE, NOT for MONEY.

    Contact http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vijay-Anand/128057537263334 for more details and how you can partcipate in this change.

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