World Cup 2011 – A die-hard Indian cricket fan’s reaction

I am a die-hard cricket fan, has been watching and following this from the age of 10, the Passion which has been inherited from my father; I was born and brought up in a small village called TAADUVAI, in GUNTUR district on the banks of Krishna River, AP, where my father used to work as a teacher. I remember those days when my father bought the first Black & White Portable TV, the first one in that village, we don’t have the electricity connection to that village, my father bought a Battery, which was used in tractors in villages; he used to take that BATTERY to a near by MANDAL HEAD quarter called ATCHAMPET and used to charge it every week; if you charge it for 24 hours, you can use it for 8 hours continuously.

I was 6 when 1983 WC happened; whenever there was a cricket match, whole of the village used to gather in my house; it’s like a cinema hall, at that time I was young and doesn’t know what cricket is all about and even don’t know what the world cup was and how many teams will be in it. Once the matches r over, in the evening, my father used to tell me and I am the first spectator for his end match analysis 🙂 He is HARSHA BHOGLEY, SIDDU, SUNNY and Ravi in all him, he used to tell me how Kapil, Gavaskar, Mohinder etc used to play, how they won the World cup. I barely understood anything, however it became night sleeping stories for me, and I used to get into the sleep listening to my own father’s analysis in his own style  🙂

In 1987, when I was at the age of 10, WC came to Sub-Continent, the first match I saw was the match  against AUS, which we lost by just one run, I still remember how Sidhu and Srikanth played in that match, India slowly progressed in that WC, but finally Indian world cup campaign ended in the Semis against England. 

Slowly I got older and older, my Passion for cricket also gone greater, greater and greater……….

My passion for cricket used to make me watch most of the matches between 1987-1992, those r the days only DD is available and the DD commentary, especially the HINDHI one was comical and that’s how I even learned my Hindi as those r the days, there is no Hindi subject until SSC, so most of my HINDHI was from these cricket matches only. We used to wake up early morning 2AM to C cricket matches that played in AUS, NZ when India went to tour them, used to be awake in the nights when the matches played day and night in SHARJAH, this is where I got to get to know and tasted first time the ARCH rivalry between IND – PAK, where even INDIA’s flags were burnt on some days. 😦

There comes another world cup in 1992, one of the worst world cups India ever played, It only won 2 of its 8 matches, knocking it firmly out of contention for the semi-finals. India ended seventh on the table, above only Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

1996 WC is the first World Cup, which we started seeing the matches in the Color TV. India was the co-hosts of this 1996 Cricket World Cup along with Pakistan and Sri Lanka and was expected to perform well. This is the WC, where India played its QF final against Pak and the tensions were high and India beat them and entered into the SF to play with Sri Lanka. The SF against SL was one of the first matches I saw where crowds disturbed the match and ICC awarded the match to Sri Lanka. This is the match where Vend Kamble saw coming out with tears when India lost 7/22 to slump to 8/120 when the match ended abruptly.

Next is the World Cup 2003, 2007 where the Indians showed progress thru Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly, but very close to be champions in 2003, but not yet there. In 2007, India was thrashed in the 1st round.

There comes the WC 2011, India started well against Bangladesh, tied their second match against England, Won easily against Ireland , Netherlands , lost against South Africa, where they  lost their last 9 wickets in 9 overs, beat WI. There came the two cracker of games where India beat AUS in QF and PAK in SF and reached the final to meet Sri Lanka.
It’s April 02, 2011. The WC final between India and SL. For the 22 men who took the field today, it was probably the biggest moment of their lives, and it was all about stepping up and making it count. At the start of the game Zaheer did just that. At the end of his first spell, his bowling figures read: 5-3-6-1. The Indian bowlers were on the money and didn’t let the Lankans blaze away. A fine innings from Sangakkara and a master class from Jayewardene showed the world that it takes a lot of courage, temperament and skill to deliver when it matters the most. A good batting power play helped them post a mammoth score of 274. Mind you, chasing 275 in the final of a World Cup in front of 40,000 supporters and against a strong bowling attack was an easy task by no means.

Sehwag gone first and Sachin later, However after 28 yrs, we finally won the world cup again by beating all the prior world cup champions in this tournament to lift the cup woooohooooo. The biggest strength of this Indian team is having a captain who doesn’t care for history or records. Uncluttered mind.

No Jayewardene ton had ended in defeat. No World Cup final ton had ended in defeat. No home team had won the WC on their home turf until today. All history records broken and INDIA WON THE WORLD CUP and ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS OF ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2011; against all odds, with little contribution from Sachin in the final, the Young Brigade has done it. Picture perfect send off to SACHIN on his last world Cup Match.


Looking at the following picture, it’s only fair to say, the Indian cricket is in the safe hands and on the strong Shoulders.

All these days, I had enough of my parents, uncles, etc, telling stories of Kapil and the 1983, This is my gen, I need to make stories too and yes, today I can make a story out on April 02, 2011, I don’t need to listen old 1983 stories now, I am part of this and now I will start telling the stories how india won the WORLD CUP in 2011 and wt we witnessed, the captain cool DHONI reserving his magic to the final, Young brigade winning the world, the self belief, the Guru Gary, Sachin’s contribution to this team for the last 20 years, his records, his profile, wt not?????

You want to understand New India? Go and visit India tonight. Pick any street corner. It’s like a   of joy and self-confidence. As Steve jobs says when u look back and connect the dots everything falls in place. For me Mohali and wankhede cause for double celebrations.




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