LokPal Bill is not the final solution;it is one of the steps

World Cup 2011 and cricket mania is over and now it’s time for Anna Mania before IPL4 mania takes over. 🙂

yes I am talking about Anna Hazare , the man who sat for Fast and continuing with his fast against corruption and the agitation spread like wildfire on social networks, drew people onto the streets in several cities and dominated media. This support has just been growing and has forced the government to soften its stand on the agitation which, on day one, it described as a proxy battle on behalf of the government’s political opponents.

There is so much discussion around right from doubting Anna Hazare’s motives behind this fast, can civil society be part of drafting, whether LokPal helps to solve the corruption completely in India and the choice and reaction of Indian public on this fast and subsequent incidents. Let me take one by one.

1) Doubting Anna Hazare and his wisdom and intentions doesn’t have any value and the fact remains that his agitations have caught public imagination, made heads roll, and played a big role in toppling governments and helped to solve some important issues in the past. If corruption is our reality, all of us are collectively responsible; we should thank him and team for reminding us.

2) Technicalities and legalities that civil society cannot be part of the drafting process has  no value as Hazare was part of so many drafting of LAWS like RTI in Maharashtra and same was drafted through collaboration & participation of all stakeholders even in the centre. We can have a LokPal law & Anti corruption law in the same manner. If having Anna Hazare or any other person is an objection, why cant we have credible names such as Justice Santosh Hegde, Prashant Bhushan, Shanti Bushan and others, to be part of the committee to draft the Lokpal Bill? If there is a Will, there is a way and u get more and more credible names to be part of this Group. Anna Hazare himself said if you have any names that one feel objectionable, let us know, we can discuss.

3) Both the bill proposed by the civil society and the bill Govt may have flaws; however it won’t take away the main purpose of having such a bill. When a joint drafting group is formed, one can get best points in both bills, take some more ideas around and have a final draft, which is a better way of drafting rules, rather than saying this is wrong and that is wrong and hence we can’t have a Bill. 🙂

4) Final Question that need to be answered is will LokPal bill solves the corruption forever in a single day or is just only one simple step? Unfortunately, seems people became super optimists that we can do this in single day and immediately becoming super pessimists that we can’t do it on single day 🙂

In my view, LokPal is only one of the many steps to eradicate the Corruption in Indian society. Much more needs to be done now to make LokPal Bill work as follows;

  1. Empowerment of local bodies: Local bodies and Panchayati Raj institutions like gram sabhas, Panchayati samitis, taluka samitis and zilla Panchayatis must be empowered by the central government under the 73rd amendment to the Constitution. This is a long pending demand and must be achieved.
  2. Create similar Lokayukta structure in states by having the same or similar laws. Get the CM and PM under this law.
  3. Facilitate the detection, investigation and prosecution of corruption and money laundering, and the recovery of stolen assets. Discuss the proposed emendations to the Indian penal section and solve corruption in police and Judiciary systems and do constitutional amendments to bring the change.
  4. Key government agencies must have sufficient operational independence and autonomy to ensure freedom from undue influence or interference and Staff of key government agencies must have appropriate skills, receive adequate training, and maintain high professional standards. Like in Private sector, have a system where the services of the Govt sector are subjected to review and a standard service processes would need to be evolved. All promotions must be linked to the level of service a Govt employee adheres like in private sector.
  5. Electoral reforms : Most of the times, Corruption starts from selecting the party candidate until the elections are over and then politicians looks to recollect the money spent on the elections by indulging into corruption. Electoral reforms are necessary where the source of funding of Parties should need to be investigated.

Modern governments, be it in India or Middle East or anywhere else has lost in understanding how they want to deal with the 21st century citizens. Old style ruling of the countries is gone; Politicians must come and talk to people and understand them.

In My Perspective, this movement is not only about Anna, kiran bedi, swani agnivesh etc and no single person is leading this and the lead is coming from the people only and shouldn’t stop with LokPal bill. All 1.2B people can’t go and talk to the govt and hence,  prominent people are used as tools and facilitates for a mechanism to talk to the government.

We shouldn’t think corruption can be eradicated in one day with one BILL and the things will have to be systematic and reforms will have to come on every corner. Any anger require focus and we must keep our focus and use our energy in a constructive manner to achieve the goals in a larger perspectives.

Today India is the eleventh fastest growing and vibrant economies in the world. With the strong growth rate, defense power and foreign influence it is the country that has the capacity to project dominating power and influence anywhere in the world. With the possessions of the fourth largest air force, third largest education system, second largest standing army, numerous BPOs and KPOs and over 410,000 employees, India may plausibly attain the status of global hegemon one day. But to become a super power and to achieve mush faster growth rate, it need to fix the cancer of Corruption first.

Go India……………. Go…… DIKHAAADOOOOOO………..




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