Fight Against Corruption – Is This Ramdev VS UPA – Are we Loosing a Bigger Picture?

It is a fact that still now Congress has been ruling our country for maximum terms. So they should be largely and solely responsible for the governance, development and several other issues like those of black money and corruption. Even the problems of Maoists and Jammu & Kashmir are all messed up as a result of their corruption, bad governance and wrong decisions.

Look at how congress is playing with the Sentiments of the Telangana, a virtual foot ball with its leaders making contradictory statements on finding a solution to the problem.

What’s the major issue? Is it the Individual? Are the Methods?

What I (and I’m sure the majority of Indians feel as well) is that all these corrupt politicians who have bought their seats by dangling money and liquor to the rural poor who cannot refuse are now preaching about how Anna & Ramdev‘s methods are “unconstitutional” and “unacceptable”. If Anti Corruption movement is “unconstitutional” then the constitution itself is “undemocratic” as the function of the will of the people takes precedence over the form of the order of governance. These shysters and quibblers hide behind their “paper” democracy while blind to the most basic principles of a democratic state- the rule of law and the will of the people. That is exactly what this movement is trying to bring about. People don’t really care how it is really done, call it fascist or anarchy or whatever you wish but you cannot deny that this is the will of the people – that the institution of corruption be brought down, not later but now.

A 100 corrupt politicians quibbling over semantics and posturing for their own political advantage is not “the rule of the people”! THAT is the real farce and that is what the people of India are tired of. To hell with the idea of some “paper” democracy when the will of the people cannot be enforced due to petty and venal politicians. Why hold “democracy” as some sacred covenant if it is inept and incapable of redressing the desires of people ?

The only people who find this “unacceptable” are the politicians and their paid shysters who have a vested interest in perpetuating this cancer of Indian polity. For them, an assertive civil society that demands the rule of law, that demands good governance and that gives no quarter for political sophistry or bargaining is a mortal threat. When the entire body has been corrupted, it needs to be purged, lest it taint the soul.

Why would we need to deal with Babas & Annas if this govts had dealt with Raja, Kalmadi, Kanizimni etc kind of people in time without courts interfering? As I speak Maran is still need to explain a lot, there is a NEWS that PM advised him to resign, but he is still continuing in the Minister post, probably waiting for an auspicious day to resign or get him to be removed.

Is Government doing a self-Goal ?

History is witness whenever empire strikes back with vengeance, it digs its own grave. Instead of calling back black money government is trying to probe the nationality of BalKrishna. What difference it will make if he is nepali. What about crores of Bangladeshi illegal immigrants? When somebody talks about these Bangladeshi he becomes communal. Really hats of the oldest party of India. The govts stands fairly exposed!

Instead of counter attack, better government do something productive, like punishing who dared to decide to violate constitutional rights of citizens on June 4. Try minimizing corruption within the governing officials. Build better defense system across the borders, food, education, electricity, healthcare to the poor. List goes on, there are so many things to do before investigating Balkrishna’s birthplace. What a joke of a government. Clowns. Before probing the nationality of BalKrishna, please probe the number of Bangladeshies illegally residing in Assam.

There was contempt and arrogance in the government’s allegation that those claiming to talk on behalf of civil society were in fact usurping governmental prerogative and power. There was chicanery in declaring that if they want to stay out of deliberations, the government would go ahead and finalize the Bill and present it to Parliament all by themselves. Nobody bothers to explain why neither the parties in power nor those out of it failed to take any initiative in that direction till Annas and Ramdev’s of the world came on the scene?

Government and it’s supported corrupt media who says FASTs are a dangerous precedents in Democracy, but at the same time, Home minister and Congress Core Group should remember what they did in case of KCR Fast for Telangana state, wt happened to dangerous Precedence Theory then? You bowed to a man only because he is a Politician & now says cant Bow for civil society members only because they are not politicians? Do we have special rules for Politicians in India? Are politicians supposed to be common men first and then elected as Politicians? Protesting against government is people’s right & protecting law & Order is Government’s responsibility. You can’t take away right and escape the Responsibility.

Govt. is changing topic from black money to Baba Ramset’s asset. Baba Ramdev is capable to disclose his assets, Let single person from UPA govt. come front and disclose his belongings. Why are we getting into a debate of whether Ramdev is corrupt or not. The issue is of getting the black money in foreign bank accounts back in India and what is stopping government to do that? Instead of doing that the government is getting into mud game and blame game.  let’s assume Ramdev is also corrupt and let us assume Government proves that but does that mean government will not address this plea of the entire nation to bring the money back in India and expose the culprits?

The Govts/police forces attacked ordinary citizens at midnight with lathis and tear gas without any warning or announcement. They were sleeping at that time. Such comments carry no meaning. It is only mudslinging irrespective of any party or group or organization. The real question is: What about corruption and black money?

If the Supreme Court of the country is “surprised” over government’s investigating arm keeping them in the dark, what kind of justice can a common man expect in this way past Banana Republic? The message is simple: Don’t be a small thief. Be a big swindler so that you can hold sway over the country’s investigating agencies. You can always then keep even the highest judiciary in the dark. If they don’t fall in line, unleash another tactic.

Congress doesn’t want ppl to speak about corruption and hence trying to divert the ppl’s attention by making this a RSS VS UPA VS PPL’s problem rather than PPL VS UPA’s Corruption issues fight and doing so it is making a self Goal. first solve the issue that r currently being discussed and then if Ramdev or Person a or Person B are corrupt, take action against them using the same law, who is stopping you. 🙂

Is there a problem with Ramdev’s approach and Intentions?

Whether Baba Ramdev deserved for the respect or not why all the ministers went to receive him at airport standing in the sunny weather for hours together. if they are clean why shouldn’t they list the name of person having account and declare the wealth as national assert. Whenever voice is raised against culprit, definitely culprit is bound to afraid and same is being carried out by the ruling party. We can call a political as government as far as they service to public. Public have not compelled them to be servant but they themselves have come forward to serve the public so they are a servant to public. We cannot call these team of elected members as government since they have not kept up their promise to save public and country. While taking oath as ministers they promised to save the public and property but they have not done the same hence they do not have right to continue. It is the system which needs change.

His media management and event management skills may be at test here. 🙂 After all he is from Rural area, speaks only HINDHI and many people in India can’t understand our own pure HINDHI. Is it his problem or people’s problem not to understand a difference between SASHTRA, that was explained in MAHABHARATH in spiritual terms and an ARMY that is explained only in BRITISH Modern World?  🙂

Foot Note:

Cause is greater than motive, whatever apprehensions people have for Ramdev’s intentions, Even if they are true, His demands are reasonable and within constitution. Anarchy is not acceptable. Hitting at sleeping people is condemnable. These are not ppl who are paid by politicians to do rallies. They might not understand what bank transactions are or where Swiss bank is, but they know they have to suffer with high prices , inflations. they know they have to bribe someone if they have to get something done.

It is not 4 days but nearly 4 decades that the talk and to and fro on this bill has been going on. Every method has its pros and cons but at least here the purpose is quite noble. Let us not cast aspersions on the method. If nothing admire the guts of a man and many others who brave threats to take up public causes. We may be a democracy but our setup is only for a few.

Let’s hope and support a favorable and objective outcome. If it does not happen people will devise better methods.