7 – traits which makes mangers successful managers to make highly productive teams


People don’t leave company but they leave their managers. That is why it is very important to understand the chemistry between manager and team members.

We must understand why some managers are able to execute projects after projects without much difficulty while some managers struggle to even execute a simple project.

Successful managers have certain traits which makes them popular and results in highly productive teams.
Here are some of those traits:

1. Make well defined goals for team members – You can not hit a target unless you see it. That’s why top performing managers have well written goals for the whole team. They identify the most important goals required for the project execution and align their teams.

2. Set clear priorities – Good managers are able to set clear priorities for the team and individual members. They help identify most important tasks for them which keeps team focused.

3. Create reasonable Timelines and Expectations – Managers who can understand the strength and weakness of its team, sets reasonable timelines and expectations for its members. Their expectations are based on facts and capabilities of its team. Remember there are no unreasonable goals but unreasonable timelines.

4. Demarcate of responsibilities – Good managers do not micromanage and have clear roles and responsibilities defined for its team members. They do not want to get involved in each and every decision. They delegate the power.

5. Trust Team– Trusting the team comes naturally to top performing managers. They believe in their team and their capabilities. They like to give them a problem and then get out of their way. They let them solve problem. Having said that, they are always eager to help them whenever required.

6. Value time – Time is money. That’s why they are always focused on keeping meetings on time with right agenda. They do not keep people waiting unnecessarily. If required they inform them well in advanced. They plan things meticulously so that team does not have to spend more than required time in office or weekends.

7. Have Empathy – Managers or team members, are all human beings. That’s why best managers have empathy deeply ingrained in their blood, which sets them apart from all others. They understand emotional needs of their team members. Empathy is one of the most important element for being a top manager.

These seven traits are not exhaustive but are one of few most important qualities every successful managers should embraced for success.


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